The way Rabbits multiply fast, so does your Investment with us. At Ad inn Advertising we are
dedicated to create a sustainable advantage for our clients, providing them with a quantifiable return from their
communications investment that outstrips their competitors. At Ad inn, we design and develop
all our strategies around ROIs because we are driven by it. We are 20 years young and passionately
in love with advertising. Ours is a huge family with 130+ members. They are our asset.
Be it ATL, BTL, Digital Marketing, Creative’s, Corporate Films, TVC’s, Branding, Media Planning,
Media Buying, Road shows, Retail & Signage, OOH Media, Events & Activation and Exhibitions. We ensure high ROIs
for you. Our focus on ROI ensures that clients’ budgets are invested, not simply spent. We are committed
to developing close partnerships with all our clients and to deliver a service that always exceeds expectations.

We are “ROI” driven Advertising Agency


Did You Get What You Paid For?Return on Investment is a ratio between net profit and cost of investment. A high ROI means the investment has yielded high gain compared to the cost. Think about it. What was the profit resulted by your last investment on advertising? Was it more or less? Our ROI approach looks at advertisement as an investment, not an expense. As with any investment, a company expects good financial return on an investment. Therefore, by investing in advertisements, a company expects profit. This is our guarantee to you.

ROI Is the Real Goal (SOV is only the Means to an End).At the end of the day, SOV (Share of Voice) is only a means to an end. A by-product of your campaign. Ultimately, you want consumers to buy your product or subscribe to your service. It is important that the customers think you are better than your competitors instead just admiring your ads. Think about it, if a company gets back Rs. 200/- for every Rs. 50/- they invest, they have done really well. They don’t have to worry about “Share of Voice” amidst a particular niche. We ensure you sell better than your competitors.

ROI Makes Advertisement AccountableA recent report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) indicates that advertising campaigns that set hard objectives such as to “improve profits” are more effective than those focus on intermediate and unquantifiable goals such as degree of brand awareness. This analysis was based on IPA’s database and numerous case studies. Our advertisement model utilizes data to support revenue generation to reduce waste and improve ROI. We upgrade your campaigns to achieve a greater accountability and drive enhanced ROI.